Primary Source Reading on Spiritual Warfare: "Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare."

I've been working on several Twitter "Book Review" threads on C. Peter Wagner's edited volume entitled "Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare." This is a first in a series of primary source reviews on the topic of "Spiritual Warfare." Until now, I've posted eight threads which are easily accessible of Thread Reader. Here are the links in order:

Part 1: Introduction and Chapter 1: "Power Evangelism: Definitions and Directions" (John Wimber) 

Part 2: Chapter 2: "We are at War!" (Ed Murphy)

Part 3: Chapter 3: "Territorial Spirits" (C. Peter Wagner)

Part 4: Chapter 4: "Deception: Satan's Chief Tactics" (Timothy Warner) 

Part 5: Chapter 5: "Finding Freedom in Christ" (Neil T. Anderson)

Part 6: Chapter 6: "The Holy Spirit and Power: A Wesleyan Understanding" (Donald Hohensee)

Part 7: Chapter 7: "A Pentecostal and Charismatic Understanding of Exorcism" (L. Grant McClung Jr.)

Part 8: Chapter 8: "Sickness and Suffering in the New Testament" (Peter H. Davids)

Part 9: Chapter 9: "In Dark Dungeons of Collective Captivity." (F. Douglas Pennoyer)

More chapter reviews will follow!

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